Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank You!

First I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me about yesterday's post. I was getting emails and text messages late into the night about how it resonated with so many people. (Late is relative, it was 9:30pm when I checked the last message as I was crawling into bed. Don't judge me.) It seems to have struck a chord of personal experience, or made a connection with a lot of people. I'll be honest, it's hard to put this stuff out there. These are the real deal when it comes to my fears and insecurities about body image, weight, and the struggle of it all. What I am overjoyed about is that so many of you have been moved to do something about your current condition. Whether you are at a healthy weight and are just making better choices for yourself, or you are starting from a point of illness and excess weight, we are here together. Secondly I want to thank all of you have affirmed me and gifted me words of love and kindness. You help bring healing to places of my heart that remain broken. Thank you for speaking truth to me. Lastly, to my unbelievable husband Rob. You amaze me every single day. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and belief in me when I just don't see it. I adore you.

I am grateful for the challenges that I have faced in my life. I don't wish them on anyone, but I see how God has used these experiences to shape my character and make me the person I am today. From humiliation I have learned to extend grace and kindness. From hurt I have learned to choose joy. From hard times I have learned that they will not break me and I am far stronger than I ever imagined. I have learned to make the choice to tenaciously love people who are hard to love. Not because it's easy, but because they need it. And it's not always the easiest or prettiest moment ever...there are more naughty words muttered through gritted teeth than I can count. But the end result after all these years is one that I am grateful for.


Rest day! Oh thank heavens! My body is so sore, and my knees are slightly angry...still.


Breakfast: BAT breakfast, mostly because it was already to go. Coffee and H&H and Splenda

Lunch: Ham, avocado, and tomato...again because it was easy to do.

Dinner: Hamburger patty with onions, jalapenos, and cheese and a side salad. I also tried some of the artichoke dip.

This chapter of life is still a little scary, but more exciting than anything else. I am anticipating awesome, amazing and wonderful things, for all of us. I don't have an idea of what course that will be or what shape it will take, but I am excited about it all. Thank you again, I am absolutely grateful for you.



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  1. ::hugs:: I am very proud of you and your self control this evening, especially sitting ext to me when I was eating random bits of all that appetizer-food. I forgot to give you another hug for doing so well, do I'll owe you one!