Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sweet Taste of Success, An Appetizer

Happy Father's Day! To all the dads out there, hope this day is a reminder of how special you are to your kids. I get to spend the afternoon with my family and my husband showering my dad with love and gifts. And to my amazing father-in-law, from far away we love and adore you tremendously! You are amazing!

Things are starting to change a little. Today I wore a pair of shorts that two weeks ago did not fit well. They would zip, but I could only stay in them as long as I was willing to sacrifice breathing. I wore them all day today. I approached them with that sense of curiosity, hope, and dread all swirling about in the pit of my stomach. Today forfeiting my ability to breathe was not required!!! So I wore them all day and it made it a whole lot easier to make good decisions when we had planned to eat Pei Wei. I thought I noticed a difference when I got dressed yesterday, but the shorts confirmed it for me. Only two weeks in, I expect to have some progress, although I don't have a number on a scale to give me the verification. I had said in my first post that I would only weigh myself once a month because I tend to obsess over the number. If it doesn't come off as fast as I'd like, it gets a little frustrating. But today's success was just what my spirits needed after feeling bombarded by cravings yesterday.

Didn't get anything in other than two walks with the dogs. One with Bloo and one with my niece puppy Roxy. Going to have to make it all week including Thursday to catch up.


Breakfast: Paleo coconut pancakes and bacon. Coffee with h&h and Splenda.

Lunch: PeiWei Gluten Free Spicy Chicken Salad, egg roll. Water. Fortune cookie.

Dinner: One Spicy Italian chicken sausage with peppers, onions, and sauce. I had made two, but only ate half and saved the other half for lunch sometime this week.

Savoring a small sense of accomplishment is more difficult than I care to admit. But it's refreshing to not have a nagging sense of fear or doubt. Suddenly October doesn't feel so far away, or so difficult. And I can't wait to see the trophies along the way. I feel like I have a little bit of confirmation that this wasn't the most absurd idea I've decided to follow through in such a public manner. And it's stirring my appetite for success. It's a success appetizer. Question for you all, how have you measured success in your goals? How have you rewarded yourself for goals reached? Leave me your non-food suggestions in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate your support tremendously!




  1. Hooray Kendra!!! That's a great feeling, when something fits again.

    Today, I rewarded myself for sticking out a pretty awful weekend of studying by watching Bridezillas. I just can't look away from that show!

    Of course, I also ate too much food- I'm not sure if it's the stress or my brain eating up all the calories with the thinking- but studying for the bar makes me hungry!

  2. "Success Appetizer," I love it! You have the best catch phrases!!!
    Congrats on the shorts, that is EXCELLENT! I remember in my pre-Weight Watchers days, I bought a pair of shorts without trying them on, in the size I THOUGHT I was. I remember how I felt when they didn't even clear my hips. After months of WW and many pounds lost, I remember tentatively trying them on again like you did and how it felt to have room to spare--what an amazing feeling!!! You rock!!!
    Measure and rewarded success, hmmmmm.....I'm bad about 'treating myself' EVER, even when I've accomplished a goal. BUT, with my Mary Kay biz, when I reached $2,000 in sales, I treated myself to a custom-made 'beauty consultant apron' (a cute tool belt with polka dots!). It's adorable, and definitely not something I would've just gotten for myself normally.
    I try to reward myself (or just treat myself for nothing in particular!) with an 'experience' rather than BUYING something but I could definitely use some creative ideas on that!