Monday, June 18, 2012

Lessons I'm Learning

It's been difficult to focus on any one thing today because I've been mulling over some lessons that I've been learning.

Lesson Number One: (For me, may not work for everyone else) Workout first thing in the morning. I saw a pin on Pinterest that said, "Workout first thing in the morning before your body knows what's going on." I get up for CrossFit at 5ish and out the door at 5:45am. It's proven to be true for me in these last two weeks, if I put off a workout for later in the day, I will be tired and far less likely to complete it. That was exactly the case yesterday and now I will have a Thursday workout instead of a Thursday rest day.

Lesson Number Two: Avoid the Food and Drink pages on Pinterest. They will only make me hungry for cake, cake, and more cake. With a side of cupcake.

Lesson Number Three: Mute the commercials. The constant bombardment of commercials telling of glorious new food items that are on XYZ Menu are not my friends. If I mute then I am far less likely to get an idea in my head that I will have to uproot later.

Lesson Number Four: Nothing compares to making a meal myself. I know what I put into it, and the nutritional quality of the ingredients.


4 Rounds for time. Each round consists of:

100 meter rowing sprint (on a rowing machine)
20 Overhead Squats @ 35#
15 Wall Balls 9-10# medicine ball. The movement starts with a squat, power up out of the squat with the medicine ball, jump while throwing the ball at a target 10-12 feet off the ground. Catch the medicine ball. That is one rep.
10 Push ups.
2 minute rest in between rounds. My finish time was 25:05 minus 6 for breaks is 19:05.


Breakfast: 3 egg cups and bacon. I used muffin tins to bake a whole mess of egg cups, which are basically scrambled eggs with diced onion and bell peppers. Coffee with H&H and Splenda.

Lunch: Provided by work, insides of a chicken sandwich, chips, and peanuts. Water to drink.

Snack, protein shake, more peanuts.

Dinner: Salmon burgers, caprese salad.

It's been a good day although I may need to crawl to bed early, I'm tired. Could be the heat though, it's supposed to be in the 110*+ this week. It's ok, it just means our summer storms are coming. In the meantime, I hope you are all well.



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  1. I love summer storms, do you????
    GREAT thoughts on what to avoid! As you've mentioned before, you never know when temptation will strike! I remember hearing once, "You can't buy what you don't see," which encouraged me to stop browsing at Target (or Walmart, Fry's, etc.) when I went in for a specific item. I would go in for a few grocery household items and come out with a blouse I found on clearance, a toy for the boys or some other random item I 'couldn't live without.'
    Now, unless I HAVE 'fun money' to spend willy-nilly, I stick to my list and don't even look around the rest of the store.
    I hadn't thought about applying that concept to food, but it's true--you can't be tempted by it if you don't see it!
    Too bad I have so many delicious foods in my memeory to draw upon....