Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Month To Date

I'm coming up on a month of My Next 100 and I am wondering a little about my progress so far. I've been kind of thinking about a few things that I want to work on. Here are just a few thoughts.

I've been thinking about my nutrition a bit. The foods I am eating are quality, and I am purposefully keeping carbs on the moderately low side, but I think I need to dial in the portion sizes a bit more. By that, I mean make them smaller. And maybe reduce the bacon intake. (sigh) I am feeling different, my clothes fit better, and I am starting to look a little different. (A very little) However, I don't feel like I am making the best use of the caloric needs information that I got when I did the hydrostatic body composition analysis. I want this project to be a smashing success. Also, I want smaller jeans.

Yoga. I want to love yoga, but I'm kind of horrible at it. It also hurts to do yoga on my tile floors even with a mat. I'm going to try to find a much thicker mat and see if that helps. I may also look for some other DVDs that work on flexibility and building a foundation for a yoga practice. The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD is a lot of poses which put too much strain on my knees. But it's supposed to help with calories burned and I suppose if you don't have knee problems, then maybe it's a better fit. Not giving up on yoga, maybe just not loving this DVD as much as I wished I did. I've gone to yoga classes before, and I lament that I can't do a membership because of the help an instructor can provide.

Cooking thoughts:

I bulk cooked eggs for breakfast and made little egg cups with chopped bell peppers and onions in them. Then I put them in freezer bags and popped them in the freezer. The texture of eggs that have been scrambled, baked, frozen, and then defrosted in the microwave is not my favorite. Not gonna lie, probably won't do that ever again. Fail. Fail. Fail. Maybe a quiche like recipe without the crust would be better, but this was not a good call. Not going to waste them, there are only a few more servings that Rob and I have to suffer through before we can go back to fresh egg deliciousness. 

I can't seem to buy enough veggies. I am perpetually running out of them. I may need to go back to buying frozen on some varieties so I can have them on hand. It's a lot more convenient and I don't want to burn out on our veggie choices. I'm going to try making zucchini chips this week. I saw it on pinterest, don't know if it's gonna work.

Oh, and the crockpot chicken with the dry rub and white wine? It worked well. The wine had been opened for more than a week so I didn't want to drink it, but it went well with the chicken. I shredded it and added some gluten free BBQ sauce. The broth thinned out the sauce so it wasn't too heavy and hardly sweet. It was delish!

Lastly, sweet treat idea. This is not Paleo, but I think it's a nice alternative for when you need a sweet treat. Take some gluten free graham crackers, spread a thin layer of cream cheese and top with sliced strawberries. It gives you the flavors of cheesecake, but in a moderate and still enjoyable way. And it's a nice way to use some summer fruit.


Swim night! I wish our condo association allowed for quiet early morning swimming, however they do not. So I am going to hop in the pool as soon as I get home and get some swimming in before dinner. It will also make me super hungry for dinner too.


Breakfast: Bacon, avocado, tomato with lemon. Coffee with H&H and Splenda.

Lunch: BBQ Chicken with half a small yam, mineral water

Snack: Protein Shake

Dinner: Fresh Cod cooked in olive oil with rosemary, garlic and lemon, caprese salad.

Stress and Cravings:

Work has been extremely busy and stressful and out of the ordinary for me. I am grateful for my job, it's just been a tough couple of weeks, and it looks like it's going to continue. The first thing I do when I stress out is cheat myself on sleep. I can feel it and it's only been a few nights that I haven't been sleeping well or enough. Must continue to make that a priority.

Soda isn't calling my name anymore. It took about three weeks before I was really free from its addiction. I find that the mineral water has been the key in breaking my habit because I do love the fizz. Now I like the fizz with a twist of lemon or lime and nothing else. Much better for me.

Overall, I am super happy with my progress. I have decided to make lasting life change, and this month so far has been a lot of getting settled into these new changes and allowing them to become a part of my routine.  I think month two I want to focus more on nutrition that will encourage fat loss. Also I want to focus on the workouts I do by myself. I don't push myself as hard as when I walk into the CF Box, something I've noticed these last few times I've worked out at home so tonight I'm going to swim my little heart out.

How have your last 26 days been? Let me know about the progress you are making on your goals, I'm cheering you on as well! We can do this together!!!




  1. Great progress report!!!!
    It's so cool that you know where you are at and what's working and not working--wow. Just wow.
    I love the graham crackers idea!! Mmmmmm!!
    I'm so glad that you're 'super happy' with your progress!! I wish I could hug you!!!
    P.S. Progress, you ask? I'd love to say I've gotten better with the sweets cravings (and I am keeping them out of the house more, which helps!) but I crave them still All. The. Time. I need to ask my doc about hypoglycemia and all that jazz.
    I am taking a new supplement that is real food nutrition and my energy has skyrocketed, and I'm not taking my 'rescue remedy' anymore. THAT is awesome, and I want to keep moving forward on that because I feel amazing!!!

  2. I was just thinking of 2 helpful tips to tame a sweets craving.
    1) drink unsweetened tea. It can be hot/cold, black, green or herbal. Doesn't matter. You can change it up, but I find when I'm craving sweets if I drink some unsweetened tea (and I DON'T add any artificial sweeteners) it cuts through that craving. After all, when you eat sweets (whether natural or artificial), your body craves more.
    2) brush your teeth following a meal. It sends a signal to your brain that you're done and you'll be less tempted to snack on something soon after you're full.

    Loving your blog. You're very brave to lay it all out there for everyone to read and I love your dedication. You're an inspiration to me! And thanks for the advice on sleep. I realized after reading that I am weak in this area and pay the price. I've been trying to be better at that, thanks to you!