Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rest day número UNO.

Even though I am a morning person by nature, I like a quiet morning where I sit and sip my coffee and just have a relaxing sort of morning. And even though I love to cook, cooking breakfast is not my favorite thing to do. Going out for breakfast is probably my favorite meal to eat out. Someone else gets to do all the work while my cup of coffee magically refills itself. It's a beautiful thing! So usually Rob and I go out for breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday morning and today was our day. Now for anyone who is fighting the good fight on healthy eating and/or weightloss, I find that nothing can derail me faster than sitting down at a restaurant and having a menu in my hands. I start reading food descriptions, occasionally there are pictures, and the smell in the restaurant as server after countless server walks by with mountains of tasty yum-yums that I want right now. Please and thank you. And adding insult to injury the "Healthy Selections" options may as well be re-named, "Bland, tasteless, and sure to annoy you that you ordered it Selections." It's usually a handful of tasteless entrees with eggwhites and dry toast. Boo to tasteless! I digress. Ahem.

As we were getting ready to go out this morning I am super pumped about the choices that we made together about where to go and what to eat. We have three favorite restaurants that we frequent for breakfast, and I pulled up the menus online. One was immediately disqualified because of their lack of options for me. More importantly, the temptations were far too abundant and it was too easy to make a bad choice.We made our restaurant decision based on what I could order. Now I knew going in that I needed to make a plan and stick with it. So I made a mentally pre-ordered steak and eggs and sides of fruit and tomato instead of the usual bread and potato offerings. We got there and I looked at the menu and immediately other stuff starts to sound good, which made me realize that I had to close it, and order quickly before I lost my resolve. So I did, and I ate nothing that I didn't plan on eating! Victory for today!


 Rest day


Breakfast was a New York strip steak, two eggs, about 1/4 cup of fruit. It was a larger serving of fruit so I gave most of it to Rob. Coffee with half and half and Splenda. Also a bite of Rob's omelet. Note about yesterday's breakfast. I forgot to write that I had had butter with the coconut pancakes and 1/4 cup sugar free syrup.


Large iced coffee with Half and half, sweetened with Splenda.

Late light lunch
Turkey breast slices with a little bit of leftover guacamole.


Shrimp and garlic scampi with steamed broccoli, butter on the broccoli.

I also sampled some dip I made to go with a chicken and veggie salad for lunch tomorrow. It's tasty. 2 teaspoons of low carb french onion dip. 

So I was able to stick to my plan today and I am super stoked about that, but it's really easy for my resolve to start fading when I see a stack of pancakes float by on a server's tray. Placing my order right away was  extremely helpful. Eating out is definitely one of my greatest weaknesses, and I know that today's victory doesn't guarantee success tomorrow. And the reality is that if you are trying to revamp your way of eating, it isn't logistically realistic or possible or even pleasant to consider locking yourself away to nothing but home cooked foods for a prolonged period of time. Sharing a meal is very frequently social, and learning to make that work for my way of eating is going to be a process. I've walked into restaurants before and had every intention of making a good choice and then I find myself regretting everything about the meal except the conversation. What do you do to make sure you avoid abandoning your plan for a plate of your favorite bad choices? Let me know because that is something that is absolutely a constant struggle. Thanks for your love and support everyone, we'll talk again tomorrow!




  1. SO encouraging to me... I am a major foodie and constantly crave rich, decadent type stuff so I get really discouraged at my lack of planning and will power. Your post really helps me and I relate to it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real! And i love the idea of ordering right away--genius. Good for you to refuse the pancakes--you are a woman of immense resolve!