Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Office Party

I work in a cubicle. I’ve done my best to cover the padded gray walls with as much silliness as possible in order to make them less gray and padded and cubicle-y. Sadly not everyone puts this kind of effort into their wall art so we find ourselves looking for things to make work more exciting. In my office, this means the office party. We take our office parties so seriously, I’m on a committee specifically tasked with planning these events. Typically it’s for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries for years of service, but occasionally it’s just because it’s been too long since we’ve had a potluck. I get put on these committees in almost every department I go to because of two reasons: 1) I’m creative at planning parties and 2) I make tasty eats. Today is an office party day and it’s kind of freaking me out. (You know, for a change.) It’s the first party we are having since I started this, and I don’t think I was prepared to feel tested so soon.
I went to the grocery store last night and I bought soda, including Coke Zero. I love you Coke Zero, but I don’t want to drink you. Also I bought bags of candy. Three of these glorious bags filled with chocolate. And it’s all sitting under my desk nonchalantly screaming my name! Stupid chocolate knows my name! It appears that no one else is aware of the screaming, so it may just all be in my head. Comforting thought. There will also be cake. Buttercream frosted awesomeness to be divided up like pirate’s plunder. I knew it was going to be a tough day filled with temptation, so I did my best to make a plan.
I tried to take precautions and I bought chocolate that I’m not a super huge fan of, or that I can’t eat because it will make my braces hurt more because they still stinking hurt. And I threw them in the freezer when we got home last night to make it even more painful if I tried. I have a couple of other things going for me that are very helpful. The party is after lunch so I am not going to walk into it on an empty stomach. Like shopping on an empty stomach, showing up to food temptations on an empty stomach is a foolish choice.  I am going to save my lunch time mineral water for party time to avoid the soda. And I will not get roped into serving cake. Lastly, my department is so fast on the cake and treats, there shouldn’t be any leftovers for me to worry about. Thank heavens! Now as I’ve stated before, I am not opposed to having treats here and there, but I have had treats already this week so my choice is to not participate in eating them today. I think being prepared mentally for the challenge is half the battle. I know that this is all food I love to eat, but it’s also food that doesn’t nourish my health--it hinders my health. I am prepared for this to be difficult, but I am also prepared to say no.
Rest day! Yay for rest days because I am super sore. Also I totally got to sleep in. Double yay!
Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros. Super duper tasty and really easy. In an non-stick skillet add some olive oil and heat it up on medium heat, add about a cup of salsa from a jar let it cook for a couple of minutes and then add eggs, reduce heat and cover. The eggs basically poach in the salsa and the steam. I just serve them like that, no tortilla needed. Coffee with H&H and Splenda
Snack: Vanilla Protein Shake by Premier Nutrition. It’s not that it has to be this brand, it’s that this is the low carb brand that Costco carries, and since I’m such a huge fan of Costco, this is what I buy.
Lunch: 4-5 ounces turkey breast, leftover bacon roasted cabbage. Mmm, bacon.
Dinner: BlackTie Ono (fancy name for fish), steamed broccoli and mashed yams with ginger. I will only have half a cup of the yams.
I might add an afternoon protein shake if I get hungry in the afternoon, but I will add a note to tomorrow’s post if I do.

Being that I started My Next 100 just last Friday, I wanted to give myself time before I allowed myself to be pushed by a lot of temptation. I know it’s silly to stress about a one hour long party with cake and ice cream but temptation is difficult. I've made a plan and I know will succeed. Triumph in the face of temptation hasn't been my strength in the past, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. What tips and ideas do you have to avoid temptation? What pitfalls are usually the ones that trip you up? Thanks for the help and encouragement; I couldn’t do this without you!




  1. I just wanted to say that I made it. I had to say no multiple times to the cake and ice-cream, but I didn't have any of it! I was able to walk away from the soda, and the left over candy I gave away as well. I did get a little frosting on my hand, which I licked, when I went to wash the dishes. All in all I consider it a smashing success! And I did have the afternoon protein shake just now. Feels good to make a positive choice!

  2. Great job!! You should be very happy with your choices, you are rocking it. Hmm... temptations for me are mostly at work because my will power dissolves mostly out of boredom... this week with my "new start" I have been focused on planning and making sure that we have something yummy and well-thought out to take to lunch and for snacks. That makes ALL the difference because if I feel like my food is boring I am less likely to eat what I brought. The other major temptation is after dinner when I feel like I have to have dessert. To curb this, Aaron and I have been slicing up a banana, adding a dot of almond butter and a drizzle of raw honey. It does the trick. Or another good one is to melt dark chocolate chips and dip strawberries and cool. Those are my tricks... almost done with day 4 of staying on track and you helped inspire me to stop goofing around.

    1. You had me at dark chocolate Tangie. Dark chocolate and bacon wrapped...

  3. Kendra, once again, you are amazing! Your proactive approach to all of this means success once again! I loved how you realized you had cookies, and then decided you're such a badass! This is wonderful and so true!

    1. Isn't it ironic Betsy? But I decided that I am a badass because I am on this journey and it's not going to be perfect. I'm a badass for even starting! Anyone who is honestly facing their challenges deserves grace when they miss in order to not berate themselves into quitting. So easy to do though!

  4. Pre-planning = awesome. Cake is soooo hard to pass up!!! You rock!!
    As for me, my temptation is always sweets. They know my name, too. I could literally eat M&Ms all day (and sometimes, I do. But I "indulge," I'm not "bad.") If sweets are accessible, I eat them. SO...I either don't bring them into the house OR I bring in really good ones that are realy satisfying and fabulous, and REALLY enjoy them. Instead of munching all day, I will cut a piece and sit with it with a cup of tea and have a whole "experience" instead of standing over the sink! :)