Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Got Dunked!

I had an interesting morning. Today was my appointment for Hydrostatic Body Composition Analysis from Fitness Wave. I had been kind of sitting on the fence on doing this type of test for a while now, but I wasn't satisfied with just knowing how much I weigh. Since I am doing the kind of work the develops muscle and that will change your overall body composition, I wanted to have more precise numbers. Now I have used hand held devices before, and even scale type devices, but the overall consensus of studies says that the dunking method is the most accurate. Google it if you don't believe me.

I scheduled my appointment a few weeks ago when I decided to pull the trigger on my experiment. This was the appointment closest to June 1st that I could get, and I figured that for my purposes it would work. It's actually a quick process. I made my appointment online and paid and then waited until today. I went to a mobile lab that travels around the Phoenix area, today they were set up in Gilbert and my husband got dragged into going so that we could have a couple of pictures documenting the process. But basically, the actual dunking doesn't take very long. You get into the tank and blow out all the air from your lungs and stick your head under water while they take the measurements. What I got for my dunking? Wonderful amounts of information. I was less body fat than I had imagined. (Sigh of relief!) But not only do you get the body composition results, but you get metabolic information on your caloric needs based on your lean body mass and activity levels. They have a caloric range from weight loss to weight gain, as well as personalized information on how many calories you burn per minute of exercise, with a wide list of exercises listed. They also list body fat goals and what the weight loss would be to reach those goals. It's a little intimidating to look at end result sort of numbers, but it's all information that I needed to have. October is a long ways away, and still a lot of workouts and great nutrition away. I'm going to focus on today for now.


Swimming day! We are now waiting for the sun to go down before we swim because it's too hot still and I don't want to turn my husband into a lobster. I will update our swimming once it's been completed.


Breakfast: Premier Nutrition Chocolate Shake. I was nervous, I couldn't eat.

Lunch: Grilled chicken medallions with cheese and bacon, green beans, carrots, and side salad. I also had a bite of Rob's cornbread. It was ok. Didn't want any more. And coffee. Mmmm, coffee. And this was a gluten free, low carb lunch at...Cracker Barrel. I didn't think it was possible, but it was!

Snack: Vanilla Premier Nutrition Protein Shake. And some Artisana Raw Coconut Butter. That stuff is just heaven on earth. Unless you hate coconut in which case I am sad for you.

Dinner: Chicken in tomato sauce. Basically, pan seared chicken with mesquite seasoning, and then some salsa from a jar, simmered all together all yummy like. Yams and broccoli.

Going to make dinner now since we don't want to wait until we are on our way back from the hospital from seeing my mom. She's doing a lot better and may get to go home tomorrow or Monday. I can't believe the amount of physical therapy she has ahead of her, but she's a trooper and she's going to make it.

If you are interested in doing this kind of testing, I would suggest you just do a Google search to see what is in your area. I know that this is kind of spendy for most people, and that's one of the reasons that I waited so long to get it done. I will say that I am already encouraged by knowing more about my starting point. And that is really the point, this is the beginning. Weigh loss and life change are a marathon of mental and physical endurance, and I am so excited for this challenge. On a brief tangent, I will say that Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Potion is the most amazing eyeshadow primer on the planet. I put on makeup before I go and get dunked, and my eyeshadow is still on my eyelids. Also, I dropped my eyeshadow on the dog this morning. Since he's white and now sparkly, he totally looks like he's rocking the Team Edward look. And now I have to give him a bath.



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  1. wow, that is totally cool!! I love it that you went to the effort to get the the info. you need to track your progress accurately.