Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making it Real (updated)

I am a list maker. There is always an abandoned list at the bottom of my purse from my last shopping trip. Without it, I'd forget something. This leaves me a little up the creek when I forget to put something on my list, like contact lens solution ,which I have needed to purchase for days now. Life is too distracting and busy for me to remember every detail that needs to take place. So why is it that when we are trying to lose weight we are resistant to writing things down?

The honest answer: Writing it down makes it real.

I've been writing down my nutrition for you in the blog every time I post. Writing down what I am going to eat is a tremendous amount of accountability. It stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday morning! I split up that steak like I said. Seeing what I am committing to eat on the screen makes it real. Super real. I don't like to make changes to it once I've written it down. And now I am including portion sizes because I want to make greater strides in weight loss and I am looking to tighten up any aspects of my nutrition where I may have become a little lenient. Lenient is easy to do on days I don't blog. So here are some of the weapons in my weight-loss arsenal, I hope they are a help to you as well!

   *There's an app for that! Use your smart phone to shop apps and find one that helps you track your health goals. I am currently using My Fitness Pal because it's free and I can use it from my computer, phone or iPad. But I've heard of a bunch of apps out there that are tailored to your specific goals. Start searching and find one you like.
   *No smart phone? No problem! Back in the day, I learned how to use these low tech gadgets called pens and notebooks. Get yourself a little notebook to carry, or some 3x5 index cards, something you can use to write down what you've eaten.
   *Set some goals! Use the SMART method to develop a plan. Make sure they are: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. For the R some say Results, others say Relevant, for weight loss and healthy living I think that setting a realistic goal would be far more applicable.
   *Once you've made some goals, share them with someone who will be supportive and encouraging. I'm sharing this with you all, and I love that it holds my feet to the fire.


20 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Burpees. That is all. This is self inflicted punishment. I hate burpees, and I am terrible at them to top it all off. I want to get better, and you don't get better unless you work on it. Doing it tonight after work and before dinner. I'll report my reps later.


Breakfast: 3.75oz lean ham, 3 eggs, coffee with H&H and Splenda

Lunch: 6oz Dijon chicken with 2 cups steamed broccoli, 1 string cheese stick.

Snack: 1oz almonds, 1 string cheese stick.

Dinner: 8oz basil chicken sausage from Sprouts, caprese salad 1 large tomato and 3oz cheese per serving. And fresh basil, it has to be fresh basil.

It's been my experience in weight loss programs in the past that I am most successful when I honestly write a food journal. Don't believe me? Try writing down what you eat in a day and it will surprise you. It is an eye opening experience.



Update: 60 burpees in 20 minutes, not too shabby. It's the jumping up from the pushup that takes me the longest. And now I'm a hot mess.

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