Monday, July 9, 2012

Crazy Idea Ahead...

I've had three cups of coffee this morning. It was not a pleasant night to try to sleep as it was hot and muggy, and it was way early when my alarm clock started screaming at me to get up for CrossFit this morning. Fortunately I had prepped my stuff the night before and laid out workout clothes as well as work clothes, so I was prepared for when my morning felt like I was swimming through mud. Glad I was there for the WOD. Loved it. Love every minute of exquisite torment that is a WOD.

This last week we had a meeting with a lovely friend of mine, Emily. She is a realtor and we are officially beginning our house hunt this coming Saturday. Yay! We are looking for a house that is hopefully not too far from work. Honestly, my greater concern is that I'm not too far from CrossFit Chaparral! A girl has to have priorities! It's an exciting process, and I've never gone through it before, so we'll see how it all goes.

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, and something dawned on me. Not everyone has a whole lot of experience cooking. Now I get that this is a somewhat stupid realization. However, since I have grown up learning to cook, and liking to experiement and create new recipes, I forget that for some it's kind of torture. So here is the thing, cooking doesn't get better if you don't work at it. It won't. You have to try. But you don't have to wander into a store without help or guidance. You don't have to do it alone. I bring to you idea acquire a cookbook. Now I listed one of my faves previously, "Everyday Paleo," by Sara Fragoso. But if you just wander your happy self over to Amazon and type in the search cookbooks you will be met with over 97,000 options. Now refine your search and look for healthy cookbooks, You drop off about 92,000 of them, but you still have about 5,000 or so to choose from. At this point in my journey, I will search for Paleo Cookbooks only, but that's because I feel so much better now and I just don't feel that grains are worth it. Now pick one, or two. And that's a great starting point. It's a launching pad for you to start with some structure while you learn how to cook. But this may not be quite enough, so here is the crazy pants idea I had today. Ready?

I will do a cooking demonstration and class in my house on Saturday August 11th. We currently have a smaller condo so I can take the first six people who sign up via the comments on today's post. We'll go over bulk cooking, shopping lists, and some recipes. So if you are interested, let me know!

"Jackie" 1000 meters row, 50 thrusters @35#, 30 ring rows subbed in place of pull ups. Almost rx'd! Finished in 15:25, and prior to that I got to a 105#back squat. I'm finding that heavy weight front squat hurts my wrists which I've had surgery on both. All the squats and thrusters though have blown up my hammies and I'm probably going to be in a world of hurt tomorrow,best kind of pain ever!


Breakfast:Chorizo and eggs, with half a coconut pancake. 3 large cups of coffee. I'm not proud of myself.

Lunch: 4oz chicken breast, 1.5 cups of steamed veggies with a drizzle of olive oil, Mineral water.

Snack: protein shake, chocolate flavor today.

Dinner: turkey burgers with cheese, no bun, lettuce tomato, pickles, and steamed veggies.

It's kind of a crazy idea, but my hubby is on board for my first ever healthy living cooking class! And I am super duper excited! Hope some peeps want in...hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. After all my caffeine this morning, I'm about ready for bed now. I'll catch you all tomorrow!




  1. I am so in!!! I'll have to text you about this, it's crazy coincidental.

  2. I am also in - just let me know the time so I can plan accordingly (I have a nail appt from 10-11 so if I end up being the only one with a conflict, then don't worry about me

  3. Kendra! This is a wonderful idea!! Super helpful. I personally love to putter around the kitchen and make food. This just makes me think of how people who are new or even new-ish to a gym experience feel. Just like that, only in the kitchen. AAAHH! :) I begin school on August 9th, so I hope that this cooking lesson goes fabulously!