Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working for the Weekend

One thing I have learned about weight loss and fitness is that you cannot expect it to just magically happen. As much as I would like to expelliarmus my way out of this excess weight, I can't. It requires hard work and planning. Planning of meals, workouts, rest, and your life. Now you can't plan absolutely everything, but being prepared for what you know is coming, like a three-day weekend in San Diego!

Rob and I are going to visit some of my favorite people on the planet, Natasha and Chris. They live in the gorgeous city of San Diego, and I will say that I love southern Cali. Unfortunately I love eating through southern Cali as well. So this brings me to the whole planning and preparing concept. Here is my plan of attack for making it through the weekend in a healthier state.

1) I am bringing some food with me because I am going to be that girl. Now don't panic, it's not a ton of food that I am bringing, but I am packing snacks. First, protein shakes. They travel well with no mess. Second, lean proteins that have been cooked and frozen. That way they might thaw a little throughout the drive, but then when I get to their house, I can stuff them all in the fridge. Out of consideration for Chris, who has a life threatening nut allergy, I am leaving the almond laden stuff at home.

2) We are eating out a time or two while we are there. I have done research on the restaurants and I am planning my meals and choices now. I find that (and feel free to laugh at me for this, because it sounds a little ridiculous) if I make a decision now and practice making that healthier food choice mentally, it becomes a lot easier to actually make that choice when the time comes. I might start researching our October Chicago trip now that I think of it....

3) Working out is a must! I know that this is a lot easier to plan than it is to do, but I am going to throw down with a Friday and Saturday workout. We usually do a lot of walking on vacation, and especially given the sunny beach that awaits us. But I am going to get in some solid sweat time first thing so that I don't put it off for later. Even if it's a Tabata, four minutes of torture is something I can do without sacrificing too much of my time with my friends. Who knows, maybe I lure them all into a game of Marco Polo in the pool. I have mad Marco Polo skillz.


Breakfast: Coffee, three eggs cooked in olive oil.

Snack: Protein shake, vanilla from Premium Nutrition

Lunch: 4 cups organic Spring Salad Mix, 6oz boneless & skinless turkey breast, light ranch dressing, and 2 slices of Jarlsberg light Swiss cheese slices.

Snack: 2 String cheese sticks.

Dinner: 1 boneless& skinless chicken breast, steamed broccoli.


I was going to try to go swimming, but I might do a pilates video while dinner cooks instead. My legs are fried after yesterday. I realized 8 rounds of 15 airsquats is 120 squats. I am definitely walking funny today.

Lastly, I think the thing to remember while on vacation is that you deserve some grace and fun, but it's not a free pass to eat everything in sight. I just got done doing that and it wasn't as rewarding and tasty as I had remembered. I have renewed my commitment and I don't want to stifle that, I want to see it grow!

Any ideas on healthy and grain free foods that travel well? What healthy food options do you choose when you travel? Leave me your suggestions in the comments!



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  1. Cucumber slices
    Carrot slices (I don't like eating them in sticks)
    Cheese sticks
    raw broccoli
    mini peppers
    grapes (frozen ahead of time)
    if you really need something crunchy, veggie chips or Pop Chips
    Beef jerky
    ... That's all I got...